Salesforce Platform – Leading the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) bandwagon

The foundation for Salesforce was laid from the simple principle of helping customers to grow and be successful in their business. Touted as the world’s best CRM platform, it has resulted in the development of a robust business model. Not only this , Salesforce has ensured that there is always a winning and vibrant environment centered on the customer.

The successful formula of Salesforce is getting deep down into the roots of the customer’s business by not just offering excellent products and features but closely working with every customer to develop a futuristic and successful vision. No wonder Salesforce stands high among all the CRM organizations and is rated #1 for its customer centric approach.

Let us briefly look on what is CRM and the solutions that it offers.

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

The single most important goal of Customer relationship management (CRM) business is satisfying its customers. An extremely efficient customer relationship management system will comprise the best CRM platform and this adds value to all the facets of the of customer interactions helping business prosper. This includes all the major requirements of the business from sales to marketing and the quintessential customer service. Ideally ,it enables the strengthening of existing client relationships and the development of new client relationships quickly.

CRM  Solutions for Activity Management.

CRM is a successful and customer-centric platform as it effectively displays the transactions of the customer along with crucial client contacts data. This makes any CRM platform the best in business as it enables  business to reply confidently to queries from customers and undertake immediate and efficient actions proactively.

 CRM Solutions for Service & Support.

The purpose of CRM is to see its customers happy.With a CRM platform customers get an excellent experience due to the smooth functioning of the tool. CRM is a huge hit among customers. It enables in collecting customer support requests from diverse channels, allocate teams and agents effectively and gain access to outstanding solutions. Not only this the platform helps in easing the problems faced by customers,  improve support cases, direct customer traffic towards web-based solutions and promptly emphasize on the service that needs improvement.

CRM platform provides a surplus of tools and options to enable the business to excel in partner/channel management, web communities, award-winning interfaces, point-and-click customization, and the smooth CRM integration at Salesforce.

Salesforce – Leading in CRM

Salesforce is a pioneering CRM platform leader worldwide whose proficiency in client relationship management is unequalled. The technology and customer management software used by Salesforce is exclusively designed to bring improved simplicity, integration, effectiveness and visibility to the organizations. With leaders in cloud computing technology and as one of the best service providers, Salesforce provides CRM software as a service with the PaaS (Platform as a Service), to enable multitasking and keep track of your customers. Not only this the platform takes care of the  budgeting too. This facilitates projects to be accomplished keeping the monetary scale steady .

According to research done by Gartner in the CRM space, Salesforce continues to lead with a 19.7% market share.

Best CRM solutions from Salesforce

Salesforce offers the finest CRM solutions which is faster , cheaper, easier , better and accelerating the  business to the next level.

Salesforce’s CRM platform is innovative and swift as it quickly reorganizes and automates the business processes thereby putting businesses into the best routine. Salesforce also develops the infrastructure-as-a-service thereby enabling business to progress with their sales and marketing activities.

Not only this Salesforce enables its support teams to coordinate in the best way and view vital sales and customer information in several dimensions. This allows the teams to generate new clients and offer better service to the existing customers.

Salesforce transforming sales and marketing process

Salesforce has a well-organized customer relationship management process which is innovative and futuristic.

Built to keep businesses going with time and budgets in mind, the Saleforce CRM platform enables the sales and marketing teams to concentrate on closing the sales stream and generate revenue rather than tracking sales leads in a conventional and manual way.

The robust Salesforce Customer Management software clearly distinguishes the activity that would lead to success and the pipeline to failure.

This occurs when the sales and marketing teams market through multiple channels and get an insight on all the information and activities related to the account.

Choosing web CRM like Salesforce over traditional CRM platforms

With the wave of a modern business culture setting in, companies are shying away from traditional customer relationship management software to newer and faster technologies. This is due to the expenditure incurred to install and maintain the software while such issues are not seen in web or hosted relationship management.

This also holds true when businesses plan their budgets and a cost-effective package is preferred  if the delivered results are superior too. It is never wise to pay more for lead management   and create well recorded and flourishing client networking when the same can be obtained from Salesforce as a pay-as-you-go model that saves all the money.

Following are some of the advantages of Salesforce and why it is the best CRM tool:

  • Sales Force offers Sales-as-a-Service (SaaS) that stands out in tracking and measuring sales, organising your business all at a cost effective price.
  • The Web CRM pays for its own in a faster way by eliminating the need for a huge capital investment on IT infrastructure and technical maintenance staff and normalising the current IT costs with PaaS. This offers the Customer Management Software a greater and faster return on investment.
  • The Web-Based CRM would change your business faster in comparison to the hosted CRM implementations  which takes nearly weeks or months to be in the process.  This beats the 12 month average of client/server CRM tools hands down.
  • Salesforce’s basic CRM’s customisations and point-and-click interface enables it to be used by the non-technical user making it extremely user friendly.
  • Salesforce software uses a multi-tenant approach wherein there’s no single instance of the software making it faster and less costly to implement. This adds on to its unlimited scalability.
  • The deployments implemented on the new features at the customer management systems are instant resulting in trouble-free upgrades and enabling users to use the very latest version.
  • With no requirements for the purchase, installation , maintenance or upgrade of software or hardware, Salesforce is transforming the customer relationship management market on the cloud to new heights.

With a plethora of benefits to offer, Salesforce is the reigning emperor in the CRM kingdom for its capacity to transform businesses efficiently.

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