How Salesforce App Builder course can boost your career?

What makes you different from others? What is that one skill that lets you stand ahead in crowd? Could it be a Salesforce app builder credential?

Read to know more about the most sought-after certification

In the world of cut-throat competition, one has to strive hard to fulfill his dream job. It has become crucial to possess something which makes you different from the others. Where the high employment rates have become stagnant, it has become crucial to add value to your skills, so that you don’t get drowned in the well of unemployment.

The only way by which you can stand out at a job position, is by enhancing and updating yourself in terms of skills, achievements and work experiences. When it comes to updating skills, a lot of professional certification courses are available nowadays which polishes your skills according to the domain or field you work in.

A much talked about certification nowadays is “Salesforce App Builder Certification.”

Salesforce has emerged and is continuously emerging as one of the hottest skills for IT and business professionals. With Salesforce rising as the clear winner in the Cloud platform war, it’s quickly becoming one of the most on demand skillsets by the organizations. Experts have predicted that 4.2 million job opportunities will be created in Salesforce field by the year 2017.

Driving Demand for Salesforce App Developers

Salesforce is one of the fastest-growing, most in-demand skills in market. From software developers, solutions architects to project managers and sales and marketing professionals, it’s a skill that almost every professional can benefit from.

The demand for Salesforce App developers from the market is really high especially for those who can build apps in and around existing Salesforce platforms. A recent report from Burning Glass showed that there are more than 100 million job postings collected over 40,000 sites , out of which  300,000 job postings between July 2015 and June 2016 called for Salesforce skills.

Considering the results for the job trends of a Salesforce Developer through, more and more organizations are relying on Salesforce certified professionals to function and grow, therefore Salesforce experts are high demand.

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Now, if you wish to join organizations using Salesforce or those that plan on deploying Salesforce, you must get trained and certified. Sure, anyone can claim that they’re a skilled Salesforce user but only those who are Salesforce Certified can truly prove their expertise.

Why you need Salesforce App Developer certification?

Certifications help to a great extent if they are done with the intention of learning, and not with the purpose of simply passing it. Earning your Salesforce certification can jumpstart your career and prove your value to both your current company and future employers.

According to a Denver User Group survey, it was found that the average pay salary of a Salesforce App Developer without a certification was $69,600 while the average pay for a certified developer jumped to $86,850.

The Salesforce App Builder certification course lets you learn and understand the concepts of Salesforce platform App builder. One can demonstrate their skills and knowledge in building, designing and implementing custom applications on Salesforce platform.

So how will you ensure you are paid the same as a Certified Salesforce App Developer? There’s no better way than becoming Salesforce App Builder certified through Edifyself.

How Edifyself can be of great help to you?

Edifyself helps you to learn and flourish in your career by providing you quality training for a number of professional certification courses accredited by prestigious organizations . Edifyself always believes in efficient training and delivers the same. You can choose from a variety of courses, best suited to meet your career needs and professional growth.

Edifyself’s Salesforce App Developer course caters towards better understanding of the various concepts of the salesforce technology domain. Below are some of the parameters of the courses that are kept in mind before creating a course pattern –

Quality Content – Edifyself efforts towards delivering you high quality content to validate your skills and expertise.

Detail coverage of topics – Edifyself’s Salesforce App building courses is well equipped with detailed insight on essential topics and practical exposure on app development.

Practical Knowledge – The Salesforce App Development course not only prepares you theoretically but also gives you in-depth understanding with ample case studies that you would have to tackle in your job scenario.

Free study material – Edifyself also provides free online Salesforce training presentations and demo materials for better reference purposes.

Flexible pricing – The biggest perks of undergoing Edifyself’s training courses are the highly flexible pricing schemes.

Modes of learning – Edifyself’s Salesforce trainings offer you the best-in-class modes of learning. The comprehensive course package allows you to learn at your own place and pace and helps you get certified with no hassles.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) training – The great thing is you can also avail for an advanced Salesforce App Development online training and certification course that is delivered by our expert professionals and specialists. And how about some of the best industry based experienced experts those specialize in interactive teaching and real time application systems, we have them just for you.

Now as we all know that there is no better way to validate your skills than a certification that holds true for Salesforce professionals as well. As a result, armed with a Salesforce certification, professionals can opt for Salesforce App Builder (Dev-401) training course to gain knowledge and insights of Salesforce App Development.

The Salesforce App Builder (Dev-401) – With Salesforce App builder course, you can learn Salesforce and gain thorough understanding of the App builder concepts. The course covers essential concepts from fundamentals to the advanced level and students would gain a 360 degree insight of the course.

The course covers a wide variety of topics that will help you to deploy applications and manage changes on the platform, develop new applications, implement automation, customize apps, configuring the user interface and lot more. With Salesforce App Builder course, you will have hands on knowledge on Salesforce platform with ample of case studies that will help you in your job.

Edifyself’s Salesforce App Developer course provides you 30 Hours of expert learning, 30 hours of assignment one-to-one mentorship with experts and 24/7 support for resolving your problems. Plus Edifyself also provides you life time access of experts, learning videos & lab assignments.

Edifyself also has money back guarantee policy for your flexibility and it also provides a call flexibility for rescheduling the sessions. All in all we care for your career and future.

At Edifyself, we make sure you are guided in the process where you can demonstrate skills and expertise efficiently.


So what are the takeaways for you?

First, consider yourself lucky that you have the luxury of learning one of the most in demand skills of this era. Also however, know that many other people are capitalizing on this industry as well, and to stay competitive, you have to outwork and outlearn the average professional! And, no doubt Edifyself is here to keep you ahead of competition.

So the crux is you have all the cards you need to succeed, it’s now up to you to play the hand!  Come play your hand with Edifyself’s Salesforce App Builder course now. If you have got more questions you think we haven’t answered, let us know in the comments below or write to us




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