Blockchain in big data

Living in the big data era, we are dealing with humungous amounts of data every day.  This involves data generated from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or it could be transactions done in the banking sector or even information stored in the healthcare domain. This had led to big data becoming  a critical and Read more about Blockchain in big data[…]

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics and big data

  Businesses today are shelling out loads of data in the form of customer information, social listening, app, cloud and product performance data. There is plenty of data everywhere and this has led to the birth of a practical form of analysis called the predictive analytics, which is a product of big data and business Read more about Predictive analytics and big data[…]

Cognitive computing in big data

  Imagine a world similar to a science-fiction movie with robots and machines taking over the Homo sapiens race. Would that be exciting or scary? Well, machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence are finally here to help and tackle corporates, leading organizations to tackle zeta bytes of data. The problem Though Big data has been Read more about Cognitive computing in big data[…]

The big data revolution – Reducing fraud, waste and abuse

Anybody working with big data would clearly know that these humungous data sets are all set to create a revolution and change the face of the healthcare business. All that the industry needs to do is to leverage the potential of big data and accelerate its way of functioning.  This would mean realising the capabilities Read more about The big data revolution – Reducing fraud, waste and abuse[…]

Big data and it’s role in cricket analytics

Are you curious about the buzz about big data? Read on to know more about this interesting volume of data that has been under the spotlight  and impacting business. The first steps – The birth of big data All of us are aware that data has existed ever since the Mesopotamian times and accounting numbers Read more about Big data and it’s role in cricket analytics[…]

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