6 Must-have apps for the digital junkie

By: Edifyself Knowledge
Posted: February 18, 2017

It is increasingly becoming noticeable and palpable to see the heightened amplification of mobile apps usage. From ordering your monthly groceries and veggies to getting tips on your financial investments or paying bills online, there is an app for everyone and for everything. While there are businesses thriving on the mobile app domain, it also helps consumers to stay organized and be efficient. For those who are tuned into the app lifestyle and where the smartphones turn into a personal assistant or even an emotional crutch, we bring in the 6 classes of apps that are a must-have to complement your ‘appy’ lifestyle.

These apps are specially your best pals if you are digi-savvy and juggling a demanding lifestyle filled with travel, crunching numbers and managing home affairs.

Apps for people on the move
The travel or transport apps

Being a techie or a budding entrepreneur or with a career in the creative path; travel is bound to happen if you have just stepped in as a fresher or a few rungs into your corporate career ladder. Diverse apps that serve as your travel assistant are ruling the app market. From searching for quick bike or taxi rides to assisting with maps, providing information on important landmarks and routes ( if you are in a new city so that you don’t get lost) to entertaining while you travel, these travel apps are your best buddies in the outside world. Embark, Spotcycle , Citybikes , Uber , Vgo , Ola are some of the major players in the Indian and overseas markets that make you travel-ready and have redefined mobility the app way.

Apps instead of everyday apples
The health apps

Being fit and at the pink of health is equally important irrespective of whether your life is fast-paced or relaxed. With the increase in job pressures and the need to stay on top of every minute detail in your life, neglecting health is becoming common. Succumbing to various pressures , watching over one’s health itself becomes a task. But there are apps that help you cushion your healthline and act as your heart and brain with the thinking and actions. From providing information on the number of calories to eat , weight reduction tips , recording body movements , data on organic produce and the mantras for a healthy living ; these apps are doctors in your mobile phone. Fitbit, Healthy food chart, My tracks, Fooducate are some of the best health apps available on Android phones.

Apps for the party lover
The entertainment apps

You love socialising and the word fun defines you. Yet with increasing job pressures and lifestyle changes , entertainment has become a luxury for many especially during the working week. But saving you from the awful hands of isolation and boredoms are apps that bring in a lot of cheer to your body and mind. Entertainment could come in any form too , like a vibrant piece of music or interesting podcasts , short movies, Ted talks , literature to stand-up comedy pieces. OverDrive, Google Play Books , MoboPlayer , TED, Vine are great apps to take off the stress from your overworking nerves.

Apps to feel safe and secure
The security apps

While financial payments and transactions through the app or sending vital information on the World Wide Web have taken firm routes on the digital space, security is always a question and concern despite several safety measures. With hackers prying on information to viruses and worms that can crash systems in a jiffy , security based software and apps are always important and in need to keep pace with new challenges and attacks. To make a travelling techie’s lifestyle easy and secure a variety of apps support the storage of essential documents like passport , driver’s license , health prescriptions etc. Credntia is one such app which goes by the motto ‘Where you go, There you are’. Similarly the Indian Government’s DigiLocker is an easy-to-use application with security and portability in one-go.

Apps for a positive lifestyle
The lifestyle apps

Just the way a wave of digital revolution has swept the globe, yearning for a healthy and superlative lifestyle too is a rage these days. To keep pace with the latest trends on fashion, various types of exercise forms from yoga to gymming , cuisines from different parts of the world , etiquette tips and much more have splashed themselves across a variety of social media channels and websites. Apps such as Mi lifestyle , DIY apps , yoga and health , fashion in vogue are some of the apps that help to fine tune and polish our personality for the better.

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