5 habits that every project manager should cultivate

Want to be a project manager who can successfully deliver projects on time, keep an eye on the budget and please your stakeholders?

Well, though it sounds like a perfect picture, it is very much do-able!

All you need is to tweak your habits, polish your skills and lo and behold success will surely come knocking your way to manage your projects efficiently and reduce the stress clinging right now.

Here we present the Top 5 mantras of successful project managers who solely believe and stick to these habits:

  1. Being a great team leader

Efficient project managers are capable enough to understand the strengths and weakness of their team members. This makes them an effective team leader as they know to allocate work accordingly to the right resource as this saves a lot of their time and money.  Also, a cohesive team delivers projects successively. Looking into team building activities and dealing with factors or trust and bullying behavior should be under the project leader’s radar to ensure that the team is working without any hitches. Understanding the core team, right project allocation, and managing resources to deliver projects on time and within the budget are the highlights of an effective project leader.

  1. Tackling project issues

Any project is marred with issues and a positive and successful project manager never allows this negativity to seep in and bring down the team’s morale. A capable project manager would instead reach out to the right issue and crisis management techniques to deal with the problems and move ahead without wasting time and opportunities. Gauging issues surrounding a project is an important ability of a project manager and once this habit is incorporated, problems can be dealt efficiently.  Spending some time every week to go through the issue log register is a great way to steer clear from future problems.

  1. Embracing changes

Changes are inevitable in projects and there would be times when a change could upset project schedules and the team resulting in a huge backlog of work and updates. Some changes could blow the work structure of the team creating a new work path. But successful project managers are usually tuned into the process and cycle of change management. By taking measured steps any action can be monitored and carried out in the right way as changes are usually repeating with a predictable pattern. Understanding processes are also vital for project managers as this ensures that time is not wasted and procedures are set in place. This effectively helps them to deal at the time of a crisis or an impending change.

  1. Managing budgets

Financial discipline is one habit that all project managers need to inculcate. With the ability to manage the financial coordinates of a project, project leaders can indeed complete their tasks successfully and keep crisis at bay. Taking charge of the finances in a regular and routine fashion is essential to stay on top of all the filing systems which in turn bill the invoices, estimates and spread sheet activities.

  1. Hitting the bull’s eye

Running a project successfully is not just about completing the tasks on time and within the budget, but the ability to lead project results to business outputs. As a project leader, it is crucial for every manager to encourage and brief their team about the mission and vision of the project to deliver results which are business changes with high productivity. Ultimately the business result and change should be used by the stakeholder or the customer. This denotes the success of the project and to deliver this vision from start to end requires rigorous planning coupled with several factors. Therefore an intelligent project manager who has knowledge of the business objectives and with an excellent project, time, budget and risk management skills can envision changes and lead the team for a successful delivery.

Apart from this prioritizing work; documenting activities, discussions; effective communication and listening; developing a structured project plan and the vibrant attitude for learning new skills and updating knowledge are other important habits that project managers need to look into.

With some of the habits listed above, how many habits do you think you already have? Well, habits are easy to develop as long as one is focussed to achieve the best results.

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